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Really Bad Virus – Locky

Locky is one of the worst viruses I have ever encountered and it’s very easy to accidentally install on your PC. If you ever see this sort of thing when you open a document – do not click on the … Continue reading

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If you get your phone wet

Found on Facebook, I think the link will work even if you don’t have a Facebook account. Just click and watch the video.

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Here’s how and I can certainly recommend a Google Chromecast – particularly if you have an Android phone or tablet. Click Here

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System Restore – Windows 7

One way to get your PC back to how it was before something went wrong is System Restore. This replaces your current settings with a copy which the computer had made in the past. Click on the “Start” button Type … Continue reading

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Goodbye Windows 8

Good bye and I’m sorry, but I’m not going to miss you. I’ve gone back to Windows 7. I persevered for about 18 months and there are some good bits but on balance I work better with Windows 7. I’ll … Continue reading

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Sharing photos with Photos and Google Drive

It used to be that you would have to email everybody a photo you wanted them to see. No longer do we need to bung up the system with photos and just as well since they can be quite big. … Continue reading

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Child Predator Phishing Scam Preys On Parents Fears

Just when you think phishing criminals cannot sink any further, you get confronted with a “new low”. This phishing scam preys a on parent’s fear. The scam email looks like a warning for parents about a child predator that moved … Continue reading

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Telephone from Microsoft

Microsoft do not telephone you. If you get a call from Microsoft or Windows, and probably anybody who says they think your computer has faults – it is a scam. Time and time again I have to tell vulnerable people … Continue reading

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Windows 10 is coming soon

I like the look of it. Find out more  here.

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Power Consumption

Now I’m keen on saving the planet, but I feel you can take things too far. I set my PC to sleep after a couple of hours and sometimes I switch it off completely. But I don’t turn off my … Continue reading

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