Telephone from Microsoft

Microsoft do not telephone you. If you get a call from Microsoft or Windows, and probably anybody who says they think your computer has faults – it is a scam.

Time and time again I have to tell vulnerable people they have been scammed. People who ring you about your computer are after your money. Never give your credit card or bank details to anybody you don’t know. Sainsburys, PayPal, Tesco, John Lewis or any other big corporation – then yes – if you are using their website to buy their products, but they will never ring you and ask for money. Only rogues ring you and ask for money.

Here’s how it works they ring you and say they think you have faults on your computer. If you let them connect remotely they can show you faults (every computer has faults). They then suggest they fix them for you and it’ll only cost £30. You give them your details and they take £3,000 or they “only” take £30 each month until you notice. You can’t stop them.

If there are faults with your computer ring me or any other computer engineer in the locality. You know who I am, I can be traced, anyway I have a conscience. I like most of my colleagues want to provide a good service.

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