Java – security problem – uninstall

I’ve been evaluating Java. I’ve been running Windows 8 for a couple of months now and I didn’t install Java. I’ve not missed it and there have been some security problems with it. So my advice is remove it, here’s how

Go to Programs in Control Panel, select it in the list and click “uninstall”. Whilst you are there uninstall any other references to Java – you may have old versions or the “Java Runtime Environment”, you don’t need any of them.

However if you are digging around your Browser and you see a reference to “Java Scripts” don’t un-tick it, leave it well alone that is something different and you do want it.

If you are one of the very few who use a Java Website for some specialist reason then re-install by searching for Java with your browser and follow the links – at least you’ll have cleaned out the old versions.

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