“I’m phoning you about your computer…”

“I’m phoning you about your computer…”

This is probably a scam. Please warn all the vulnerable people you know that this scam is on the increase. Anybody who rings and pretends to be from Microsoft or any other computer corporation is probably after your money.

They will tell you there is something wrong and by clicking a few switches here and there you can give them access and fix it for you. They pretend to do this for free so that you grant them access. Later they will find a reason for you to pay for something and want your credit card details – don’t.

Many users may realise at this point and try to back out, but they are too late – they have already given access to their machine and the scammers can wreak havoc and hold you to ransom. You may think therefore that you’d better give in – “its only $30”, you think, but it’s not. They now have your credit card details and they’ll take what they want. Often it’s $30 each month until you notice, or they’ll make a killing and be gone by taking $500.

If anyone rings and suggests fiddling remotely with your machine, make sure this is someone you know very well.



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