Use a UK Keyboard in the UK, please

Many PCs come from the manufacturer setup as American machines but with the UK keyboard. This means your @ key is above the 3 and you have to hold down the shift key to get it.  You may also not have a £ sign and a € sign. But your keyboard says differently. That’s not convenient and computers are supposed to save time not waste it.

To change your keyboard to English UK version go

Start>Control Panel>Regional and Language Options,

Then select Languages and click on the Details button

In Settings make sure your Default input language is

English (United Kingdom) – United Kingdom

And (this is the important bit), make sure you’re Installed Services is English (United Kingdom).

If its not correct you have so click Add and select it from the list.

Now you’ll have 2 keyboards so you’ll want to Remove the US Keyboard, so click on it and click Remove.

You’ll then get some messages about it being in use but just continue on and Apply and OK until you’re out.

When you reboot the PC it will all come out OK

How to set your keyboard

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