Simple Free WiFi for Coffee Shops

Redback has a very simple and cost effective WiFi package for pubs, bars, clubs and coffee shops.

Demand for free WiFi is greater than ever. It’s not just for people with laptops but now all those millions with smartphones and iPads. How many customers could be visiting your coffee shop to hold meetings – if it’s twenty it’s likely to increase your turnover by £2k per month. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg …

Have you ever wondered why there are so many coffee shops and bars? Many people “hot-desk” in open-plan offices, and that’s no place for a meeting – so they meet at the local coffee shop! Then they’d want to check their email, send a tweet, or check documents they share with their customers. They want free WiFi and what’s more they don’t want to go through a complex login. And they probably don’t want to buy coupons or use the hassle of BT Open Zone.

“Hey, just get me a coffee, a cake and free WiFi!”

That’s where YOU come in. If you sell coffee and pastries you can attract a lot more custom. Wouldn’t that be good if it cost you very little – and that’s where Redback comes in. Low-cost minimalist WiFi. Nothing fancy – just simple straightforward WiFi. But you wouldn’t want to miss a marketing opportunity! Let’s not call your network ‘BTHomehub-abcdef1234567’.

Let’s call it ‘Best Coffee House’ and let’s make the security code something useful too, say ‘quality’ or something that makes sense to Your Customers.

  • Get more customers through your door.
  • Encourage business meetings at your place and see people spend their company’s money in ways that suit you both!
  • Keep customers spending at your business for longer – after the meeting, maybe a lunch stop?

Redback will also provide you with other marketing tools to draw in more customers. You’ll get listed on Google, you’ll have window stickers, cards for tables, and we’ll make sure the local Twitterrati hear about it.

Man drinking Coffee

And let’s monitor how successful you are at attracting customers – Redback will provide you with a simple tick box form so that at the end of the day you’ll know how many have been using your FREE WiFi facility.


If you have broadband we’ll use it but if you don’t, Redback knows the very best deals. Remember, this is going to be a simple, straightforward, low-cost system supported by a local business. Redback will provide and install a fast, modern wireless network – locally supported for fast response if needed.

All this makes Redback’s WiFi proposal almost a steal! – £250 plus VAT

“I used to go to a certain bar on the Pantiles for all my business meetings. But the WiFi is not up to much so now I go to a coffee shop in the town centre. Often I’ll meet more than one customer a day in there so I estimate to spend at least £100 a month.”

Business Consultant

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