Tunbridge Wells Small Business Support

You can’t have all the expertise in-house, and if you try and do it yourself it will cost you grief and money.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a team you could trust and draw on their expertise when you need it.

Well you can.  Here is a loosely affiliated group of highly regarded people who I’d recommend:

small business supported by silhouettes

  • Myself – Small scale IT and anything technical
  • Keith Wilcox – Phones, broadband and utilities
  • Martin Webber – Graphic Design
  • Robin Booth – recycled plant and office equipment
  • Ruth Weaver – Stationary
  • Paul Jenkins – Business bank manager
  • Brian Hynes – Accountant
  • Caroline Taylor- Web designer
  • Hanna Szurkowska – Cleaner
  • Ian Andrew – Insurance broker
  • Jonathan Howard – Corporate IT



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