Connecting your laptop to your TV

In last few years we have seen an incredible development in the CGI which has enabled breathtaking visual effects in various movies. Such effects have made it possible for the film creators to bring their imagination to the silver screen. However, watching such movies on a small 15 inch laptop, just isn’t fun. It’s always desirable to watch anything on a large Plasma/HD TV screen – whether it’s a movie, a graphic intensive game or you’re sharing the Hi-Res pictures of your vacation with your friends. This is true not only at home but at your workplace too – as one can show PowerPoint presentations or reports on a Big TV for a larger set of audience.
There are a number of ways in which a computer can be connected to a TV. It all depends upon, which computer and TV model you have and the kind of input connection ports on your TV and the output connection ports of your Computer. Most of the TV’s provide a number of cables to allow external input to be fed to them. You would need to check the connection cables you got with your TV and connect them to your computer properly. Once you set up this connection –  you can then use your TV as your computer monitor.cable ends

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