USB Back Up Devices

Backing up your precious photos and your other files.

People need to do this because photos are irreplaceable and your computer is going to fail one day.  If you know of a small business not backing up their accounts then you must tell them about this.


All these devices plug into one of your USB ports.  They have all become extremely affordable.  The left and middle devices are portable.  Choose these to protect against fire and theft as well as computer failure because you can remove these and take them with you.  The right hand device is bulky (about the size of a VHS video cassette but much heavier) and has much larger capacity.

Simply plug in, and another hard drive will appear in “My Computer”, Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste those files of which you wish to have copies.  Alternatively let Redback know and he will supply and install an appropriate device and ensure a backup is made automatically from now on – at the cost of £50 plus the cost of the device.

USB Flash Drive about £15, Portable Hard drive about £60, and large External Hard Drive about £100 – all prices approximate.

More sophisticated systems might be appropriate for businesses – I can advise.

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