Current Scam

It goes like this.  A pop-up says you’ve got problems with your PC and “click here to fix”. You are then invited to pay a modest amount for some software that’ll fix it.  You pay by credit card and you’re hooked.  That modest amount won’t come off your card once but will be taken monthly and actually there was nothing wrong with your PC.

Here’s what you should have done.  Close the pop-up window, go to “System Restore” and restore your system to the settings it had a few days ago.  When it restarts type MalwareBytes into Google and download, install and scan.  Remove all the malicious stuff it finds. MalwareBytes is free and recommended for this type of problem.

Don’t whatever you do give your credit card details to somebody unknown.

If you want reassurance call me and I have the tools to kill 99.9% of all germs.  I cost £50 plus VAT – that’s a lot cheaper than $50 every month until you realise what’s going on and have to close your credit card.

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