Phone Support Scam

You get a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft or some other reputable company. They ask to connect with your PC to fix a problem. You make the adjustments they ask for, and they then show you that you have hundreds of files corrupt or damaged in some way. They ask for your credit card details and they will fix it remotely.

You’ve been had, they now have remote access to your PC and their fee of about £60 won’t just go once from your account but will be taken monthly.

Don’t let anyone you don’t know connect remotely to your PC and don’t give your credit card details to anybody you don’t know.

Here’s how to get out of this – its painful. Cancel the credit card – the banks won’t help you – you can only cancel the credit card. Disconnect your PC from the Internet, ie switch off the router would be one way. Go to system restore and restore your PC to a date before the scam. Reconnect to the Internet.

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